Are you struggling with an old clunker of a phone system? It could be costing your business far more than the cost of an upgrade.

Firstly old phone systems are far costlier to maintain than modern VoIP-based phone systems. They require proprietary and often difficult to obtain parts which must be fitted onsite by a technician trained in that particular phone system. By contrast modern new VoIP-based phone systems can be fully managed remotely and upgraded using software updates – just like your computer operating system.

Worse, however, is the opportunity cost of old phone systems. There are huge productivity and efficiency gains to be made by upgrading to a modern new phone system. A modern VoIP-based phone system can help your staff receive messages they would have otherwise missed. New phone systems also have the ability to automatically handle many types of calls that would otherwise have to be handled manually by a staff member.

Unified communications capability means that you’ll never have to come into the office just to review voicemail or check for faxes. These time wasting chores will be a thing of the past, as all message types can be automatically sent to your email inbox and viewed on the device of your choice whether that be a laptop, smart phone or tablet device.

With such efficiency gains, the return on investment for a new phone system is extremely short.