We have built Australia’s largest and most trusted voice over private IP (VoPIP) network. This has set the benchmark in call quality, security and features.

Want to know the difference between conventional voice over IP (VoIP) and Voxcom’s voice over private IP (VoPIP)?

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The Voxcom network is a private national network that thousands of small, medium and enterprise customers across Australia rely on for high quality digital transmission of their telephone calls. From small businesses with only a few lines, right up to multinationals and publicly listed companies requiring extremely high capacity, the Voxcom private network has proven itself to be both highly flexible and highly reliable.

The Voxcom voice over private IP (VoPIP) networkThe Voxcom voice over private IP (VoPIP) network

Importantly with Voxcom’s VoPIP service you do not need to change your existing telephone numbers or equipment. Your existing telephone numbers can be ported to the Voxcom VoPIP network and your existing investment in telephone equipment is protected. This is one of the reasons why switching to Voxcom VoPIP is completely risk free and easy.

Some of the benefits of Voxcom’s VoPIP service include:

  • Free calls between sites. You get free calls between all of your VoPIP enabled sites. For example if you have a Sydney head office with Melbourne and Brisbane branch offices, using VoPIP, all your calls between these three offices would be free. This feature alone has saved some of our clients many thousands of dollars per month on their phone bill.

  • Heavily reduced line rental charges. Because our VoPIP service bypasses the traditional, costly, telecommunications infrastructure, we can pass the savings onto you by slashing or even eliminating line rental charges.

  • Heavily reduced call rates. Because traditional telecommunications infrastructure is bypassed and your calls are connected via our own infrastructure, we can offer you much lower call rates and save you up to 40% or more on your usage costs.

  • Bundling. Data services such as broadband Internet or VPN access can be bundled with your VoPIP service. By bundling data services with VoPIP, we can offer huge discounts compared to buying these services separately.

  • Flexible provisioning. Traditional digital fixed lines (also known as ISDN) come in blocks of only two or ten lines. This means that if, for example, you need only 7 voice lines, you still have to pay for either 8 or 10 lines. The flexibility of VoPIP means that you will only ever pay for the number of lines you actually need, while still getting all of the business benefits of digital voice technology.