Until recently, HD quality video conferencing (sometimes referred to as telepresence) has required extremely expensive hardware and network equipment. This has been out of the reach of most small, medium and even large businesses.

At the other extreme, low quality, jittery video chatting services such as Skype have been popular among residential users, however have they’ve lacked the video quality and multi-user capabilities that are required to make them useful for business purposes.

Now Voxcom introduces HD quality video conferencing services that boast incredible picture quality and multi-user capabilities – all using standard computer and webcam hardware. This new service brings HD quality telepresence to small businesses without the huge price tag associated with purpose built telepresence facilities.

Our video conferencing system is available to everyone – from the office, home or while travelling. Voxcom has made telepresence-quality video conferences easy and affordable on PCs, Macs and conference room systems.