Voxcom’s NConnects teleconferencing service allows from two to two thousand callers to participate in an audio teleconference. This frees you from the cumbersome and limited 3-way conferencing capabilities built into handsets and phone systems.

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Teleconferencing helps put an end to “phone tag” and eliminates wasted time associated with travel and parking. Meeting in a virtual audio conference room is easy, instant and secure. Audio conference rooms are secured with a PIN allowing entry only to authorised participants. Audio conference rooms are available on demand and do not need to be pre-booked.

Sound quality and clarity are guaranteed, making for an excellent overall experience. Combined, these features facilitate teamwork and collaboration while saving you the time and hassle associated with physical meetings. Local dial-in numbers are available in all Australian capital cities and major regional locations – further saving you from long distance call costs. Using Voxcom’s NConnects teleconferencing, your next meeting can be conducted from your home, car or office.

If you find the need to collaborate with customers or colleagues more often, but find in-person meetings time consuming and a challenge to organise then Voxcom’s NConnects audio teleconferencing service is an ideal solution.

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Big Problem #1: Expensive

Voxcom’s NConnects Solution: Breakthrough Pricing – Untimed and Unlimited

If using other timed ‘per minute’ conference call services, you’ll need lots of these! Watch out for call recording fees.

Most ordinary teleconferencing companies charge you a timed ‘per minute’ fee for every single caller that dials in. This can add up to thousands of dollars – leaving you with a huge bill at the end of the month. On top of that they charge outrageous fees every time you want to record your conference call. They even slug you with call connection charges!

With NConnects you pay a low monthly fee, and you can use it as much and as long as you like each month. There are no timed ‘per minute’ dial in charges, no connection fees and no call recording charges. All you pay is low a fixed monthly fee for all the conference calling you want.

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Big Problem #2: Difficult To Use

Voxcom’s NConnects Solution: Easy Web-Based Conference Control Panel

Ever get frustrated with confusing *# codes? With Voxcom’s NConnects you get an easy to use web-based control panel.

When you sign up, we give you a special phone number and teleconference ID for you and your fellow attendees to use – just like other conference call services.

But unlike other conference call services we also give you a web-based control panel where you can control your call LIVE – without needing to use confusing star hash codes on your telephone handset. Our easy to use web interface gives you complete control and visibility of all your conference calls.

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Big Problem #3: Confusing

Voxcom’s NConnects Solution: Full Conference Call Visibility

Click on the ‘Who’s On’ tab and instantly you see everyone on the call. You can mute, un-mute and more.

A very common problem with conference calls is confusion on the part of the host or guests.

For example, it’s common not to be sure if the guests are muted or not – especially at the beginning of your call.
So maybe you ask your guests a question, and you get no response… SILENCE… it’s embarrassing.

With an ordinary teleconferencing service, you don’t even know what’s wrong!

Then you realise you had everyone muted. That’s even more embarrassing!

With the Voxcom’s NConnects control panel you can clearly see who’s muted, and who’s not and you can also see which conference-mode you’re in… Interactive mode, where guests can talk, or Lecture mode where guests are muted — and you can switch between modes with a single mouse click.

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Big Problem #4: Interaction with Guests

Voxcom’s NConnects Solution: World’s Simplest Raise-Hand Feature

Guest presses a button to ‘raise their hand’. You see it in the control panel. You click to un-mute them. It couldn’t be any easier!

Now let’s say you’re in lecture mode and someone has a question.

They can’t talk because they’re muted. They just press a button on their phone and that raises their hand and you see that in the control panel.

When that happens un-mute them to let them talk, and then lower their hand.

It doesn’t get any simpler and easier than that!

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Big Problem #5: Volume Problems

Voxcom’s NConnects Solution: Automatic Volume Control

One of the BIGGEST problems with all conference call systems – and nobody ever talks about this because no-one else has a solution – is when one speaker has a different microphone volume than another speaker. It completely ruins your teleconference because it’s very distracting to the listeners.

Different phones and phone companies set the speaking volume differently. No problem – Voxcom’s NConnects automatically adjusts the volume of every speaker.

We’re happy to say we’ve completely solved this problem. Our system automatically adjusts the volume of every speaker. No other conference service we know of does this. You can also make manual volume adjustments with a single mouse click.

Important!: Don’t be confused. Other teleconference services only let LISTENERS adjust their listening volume. That doesn’t solve the problem – in fact, it makes it more distracting. This feature puts YOU in complete control of your conference call.

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Big Problem #6: Your Stupid Co-Host is AWOL!

Voxcom’s NConnects Solution: Dial-Out Feature – The Conference Dials THEM!

Now let’s talk about the MOST COMMON problem of all – when someone essential to your call doesn’t show up on time – maybe they forgot about the call… got the time wrong… got busy… wrote down the wrong number… who knows, it happens for a lot of reasons, and it happens ALL THE TIME.

No other conference call system we know of has a solution for this… how could they?

Use the ‘Dial-out’ tab to store important names and phone numbers. Click ‘dial’ and you can add them to your call instantly. This feature is a life-saver.

But we have a solution.

It’s called the ‘Dial-out’ feature, and you can find it on the ‘Dial-out’ tab.

This is where you can keep a list of all the important people you might need on your calls. Click the dial link, and instantly they are added to the call as a host or guest. How cool is that!

This feature is life-saving when your featured speaker is missing.

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Big Problem #7: Recording Problems

Voxcom’s NConnects Solution: One-Click Recording

Now, let’s talk about recordings.

The Voxcom’s NConnects recording interface could not be easier. And we NEVER overwrite recordings.

If you’re using your teleconferencing service for business, making and saving recordings is one of the most important things you might ever do with your conference line – and yet so many conference call services design this wrong.

Most use a phone-interface to start and stop recording – but then you’re never really sure if the system is recording, and with some teleconferencing systems, you’re not sure whether or not you’re overwriting previous recordings.

Voxcom’s NConnects uses a simple and elegant web interface. And we NEVER overwrite recordings. Just click ‘Start Recording’ and you’re recording your call. When you click ‘Stop Recording’ your recording stops and it appears right in your web control panel, ready for you to use.

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The Next Logical Step

So as you have seen, Voxcom’s NConnects is simple and easy. It’s powerful and it gives you peace of mind.

It has a tonne of features nobody else has, and they are important features that really make a difference. With this selection of features we believe Voxcom’s NConnects is the best teleconferencing system in the world for the vast majority of conference call users.
But it doesn’t matter what we think. It’s what you think that counts, and that’s why we’d like to offer you a free 30-day trial of our service.
The 30-day trial will give you a chance to fully explore the service without any risk. To sign up for the free trial, just click that ‘Sign up for Free’ button, fill out the form, and you’ll get everything you need to get started instantly.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new client!

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