eFax allows you to receive inbound faxes directly into your email inbox. Faxes arrive as standard email messages within a .PDF attachment. These emails and .PDF attachments can then be easily forwarded, filed, printed or deleted as appropriate. This eliminates the need for messy paper and physically walking over to the fax machine each time a new fax arrives.

Outbound faxes can be sent directly from your computer desktop, again eliminating the need to print out a document and walk over to the fax machine to fax it. Voxcom’s eFax service allows you to use your time more efficiently, while keeping your faxes in digital form for easy tracking and filing. Handling your faxes in an electronic way rather than sending and receiving paper faxes is also much more environmentally friendly.

Our fax broadcast service allows you to simultaneously fax hundreds or thousands of recipients with your marketing message. Fax has proven itself over time to be a marketing media that is cost effective and can cut through the usual gatekeepers.