Voxcom delivers true business grade broadband Internet access using a variety of access technologies including copper, fiber and wireless.

Voxcom’s broadband Internet service differs significantly in both quality and reliability when compared to standard residential grade, Internet services offered by most service providers.

The business model of Internet service providers (ISPs) dictates that they buy Internet capacity in much smaller quantities than they sell it. They then share out this Internet capacity to their customers. The number of times they resell the same Internet capacity is known as the “contention ratio” (because multiple customers contend or “fight” for the same limited amount of Internet capacity).

Most residential ISPs have a contention ratio no less than 80:1, meaning that they resell the same unit of Internet capacity to eighty customers at a time. This is the prime cause of Internet congestion during peak periods and causes slow Internet browsing and drop outs.

Voxcom over-provisions Internet capacity, always ensuring there is adequate “headroom” which in turn makes for a speedy, trouble-free Internet experience.