A simple question – if we rang your business right now, would we be blown away by how professional your business sounds on the phone? Or would we be subjected to ringing sounds, boring on-hold elevator music or even having valuable sales calls go to voicemail?

Here are a few of the critical mistakes made by many small business owners when prospects and customers call:

  • Busy or engaged tones when all staff are on the phone
  • Playing a ringing sound rather than an immediate, automated friendly greeting
  • Having calls go to voicemail if no one is available to take a call
  • Using an ordinary forgettable phone number like 03 5550 6417 rather than a national 1300 or 1800 number
  • Playing boring elevator music, radio or even worse confusing silence when you put someone on hold
  • Forwarding calls to mobiles
  • Having a receptionist handling all inbound calls rather than have them automatically go to the correct person or department

If your business is doing any of the above then there are no two ways about it – you are taking sales leads which you have paid real money to acquire through your marketing efforts and throwing them straight in the bin.

Voxcom can help you quickly and easily remedy this situation. Using Voxcom’s expertise we can help your small business present itself on the phone like a multinational company.