Whether you are a developer, architect, estate agent or contractor, as a real estate professional, your business depends on building relationships and meeting the needs of your clients. The sales process requires accessibility as does the development and property management process and a modern, cost effective phone system is a vital part of this process.

Have you thought about using your phone system as a sales tool? We can set it up to double as a 24/7 information hotline to market your pool of property listings. Great for lead generation and tracking advertising campaigns to determine if they’re working for you. This solution includes a virtual number with auto attendant capabilities, enhanced call forwarding with voicemail to email so you don’t need to answer the phone out of hours. Maximise your time while reducing your response time drastically. This solution pays for itself by earning just one commission you might otherwise have missed out on!

There are a broad range of advanced features available with the latest VoIP phone systems to further enhance your staff productivity and client service levels. These include:

  • intelligent call management and routing to eliminate missed calls
  • low cost calls to mobiles
  • call recording and monitoring
  • a variety of marketing tools such as 1300 and 1800 numbers and SMS or voice broadcasts
  • unified communications to deliver all your voicemails, emails and fax messages to one place, reducing the hassle of separate inboxes and the response time to inbound enquiries
  • client databases integrated with your phone system, allowing calls to be made by simply clicking on a phone number in a client record, further enhancing productivity

Staff who travel and work from different locations can also easily gain access to all the features of the latest office phone systems from a remote location such as making and receiving calls to their extension and being able to view the status of other staff.

Voxcom can provide all of these services for a minimal capital outlay and a surprisingly low monthly fee. Call us now to find out more about our services or simply the substantial cost savings you will make by switching your calls to Voxcom’s private VoIP network.