Question: Can I keep my phone numbers when I switch my phone lines to Voxcom?
Answer: Of course! At Voxcom we fully support number porting, which means you can keep all your existing phone numbers and you never have to go through the hassle of reprinting all your business stationary.

Question: What is the difference between services like Skype and other Internet-based VoIP?
Answer: Internet-based VoIP services are excellent for personal and residential use. They can help cut long distance call costs and help you cheaply connect with friends and family. However these Internet-based services lack the call quality, security and reliability characteristics required for business use. This is why we recommend Voice over Private IP (VoPIP), which is specifically designed for business use. For more details on this topic click here.

Question: Do I have to replace my phone system to take advantage of VoIP technology?
Answer: No, definitely not. Voxcom’s Voice over Private IP (VoPIP) service is designed to maximise the investment you’ve made in your existing phone system and handsets. You can immediately take advantage of the cost savings and features that VoIP technology offers without having to replace your current phone system.