When putting together the material for this page, we started to write the usual professional sounding fluff about our “values”, “our mission”, “our vision”, “best of breed products” etc. Then we stopped, scrapped the whole thing and decided to keep it real.

Of course we do have values we are proud of, a mission that drives us and an exciting vision, but we’d much rather you personally experience these than have them preached to you from a stuffy, corporate “About Us” page. It means so much more when someone walks the walk rather than just talking the talk.

When building Voxcom we just did one thing…

We built the phone company that we’d want to do business with

1. Service reliability is our number one feature

We understand the services we provide our customers are critical to their businesses. Cost savings and all the bells and whistles in the world can’t make up for unreliable services. That’s why all our services are engineered from the ground up to be super reliable. All other features come after this.

2. Great service is everything

We’re famous for fast and friendly customer service and support. We work hard to make sure we live up to that reputation every day. We’ll never keep you waiting in a call queue endlessly while playing back an insincere recorded message that tells you “your call is important to us”. We show you that your call is important to us by answering the phone in less than 20 seconds.

3. You pay us Australian dollars so you should get Australian service

We’ll never send your call to cheap overseas call centres. Our mission when you call us is to help you – not frustrate you. Our call centre is based 100% in Australia and we’re here to help you Aussie style!

4. No hidden fees, nonsense headline prices or other trickery

We are sick of the nonsense and trickery that goes on in the telecommunications industry. You’ll never have your intelligence insulted by us with nonsense headlines like “Get $2000 of calls for 5 cents” followed by a bunch of fine print and footnotes. We also refuse to artificially inflate our prices with hidden charges such as flagfalls and 60 second billing – all common practices by most other Australian phone companies.

5. Our customers are our investors

Our customers fund our daily operations by paying for our services. We answer to them – not investors, the stock market, or a board of directors.

6. We are a phone company focused on business customers only

We are a business only phone company – we do not supply services to residential customers. This means your business enquiry will never be stuck in a call queue behind hundreds of other residential customers. It also means all our services are specifically designed for the needs of businesses users rather than being residential services retrofitted for business use.

7. The basics are beautiful

We’ll never overlook what really matters: The basics. Great service, ease of use, honest pricing, and respect for our customer’s time, money, and trust.